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Week 14

Posted on: December 8, 2008 3:09 am

Two teams clinched playoff berth in the NFC on week 14. Last Years Superbowl Champions The NY Giants and The ARI Cardinals. Both teams can take a break and and sitout cause they are in with 3 more games to go. As it stands right now.

#1 *NY Giants (11-2-0)
#2 TB Bucs (9-3-0)
#3 MIN Vikings (8-5-0)
#4 *ARI Cardinals (8-5-0)
#5 CAR Panthers (9-3-0)
#6 DAL Cowboys (8-5-0)

Still Alive and gunning for playoff berth

ATL Falcons (8-5-0)
PHI Eagles (7-5-1)
WAS Redskins (7-6-0)
CHI Bears (7-6-0)
NO Saints (7-6-0)
GB Packers (5-8-0) The Packers are streching it but they are alive. They will need a miricle to break in to the playoffs. 
                         Side note Gotta laugh cause Brett Farve and the Jets are doing well and if they keep it up they'll make it.

The real mess is in the NFC East and NFC South. It's anybodys game! The NY Giants lost to the PHI Eagles. The WAS Redskins lost to the BAL Ravens. The DAL Cowboys lost to PIT SteelersCAR Panthers and TB Bucs square off tonight so there could be a switch in seed #s but the CAR Panthers will have a tougher schedule facing up against the NY Giants in Week 16. The Toughest schedule for the next 3 weeks will be the DAL Cowboys. They go up against 3 great teams. The Giants, The Ravens, and The Eagles. The Second Toughest schedule belongs to the PHI Eagles playing The Browns, The Redskins, and The Cowboys. Although The Falcons schedule is not any less challenging. They have to meet up with both The Bucs and The Vikings finishing strong with The Rams.

Can The Philadelphia Eagles knock off The Redskins and The Cowboys? Can The Dallas Cowboys stand up against The Toughest Schedule? Will The Washington Redskins make another comeback?


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